Luskin Center for History & Policy Support for ATM


Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 3.37.15 PMAll Things in Moderation 2017 is proud to announce the support of the Luskin Center for History and Policy, to go to the development and expansion of the history of moderation track at ATM.

We hope this track will encourage historians of computing, the Internet, journalism, film and other related areas of focus to develop and apply to participate in ATM. We are grateful to the Luskin Center for the ability to develop and broaden the conference scope. Thank you!


About ATM

On December 6-7 2017, UCLA’s Department of Information Studies, part of the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, welcomes participants to a two-day conference on commercial content moderation (CCM) of user-generated social media material.


At All Things in Moderation: The People, Practices and Politics of Online Content Review – Human and Machine we will offer a new forum bringing together those interested in the multiple challenges related to CCM, and to content moderation of all kinds. The goal of this foundational event is to map the current landscape from a number of perspectives. During these two days, scholars, students, journalists, policy makers and CCM workers will share their insights in order to generate a discussion about the challenges, methodologies and frameworks that are necessary to integrate a comprehensive, academic study of commercial content moderation, other kinds of online moderation, and its outcomes and implications into existing paradigms in labor studies, information studies, computing and internet history, public policy, internet governance and media studies, to name but a few.

Beyond analyzing the contemporary case of CCM across the social media and other digital industries, we anticipate that All Things in Moderation will require a look to the past and to other media sectors, as well as a gaze into the future, to anticipate the problems  related to CCM and to our social media-reliant world, and to collectively think about solutions. We anticipate a fruitful gathering.

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Please join us on the beautiful UCLA campus this December. The conference is _free_ for participants, but space is limited. Please register early and visit the call for participation  to submit your proposals for papers, sessions and other interventions.

We look forward to hosting you at UCLA!

Sarah T. Roberts, Ph.D., Conference Convener

Patricia Ciccone, Conference Coordinator